Board of Management

The Board of Management includes a Chairperson, the Principal, representatives of the Patron, parents, teachers, and the wider community. The Board of Management guides the management of the school and maintains links with all stakeholders. School policies are developed collaboratively and all school policies are available to parents.

Jerry Corkery Chairperson
Anne Hartnett Principal
Jane Power Teacher Representative
Eric Hogan Parent Representative
Eithne Hayes Parent Representative
Denis O Mahony Patron Nominee
William Buttimer Wider Community Representative
Pat Coughlan Wider Community Representative

In-School Management

The Principal, Anne Hartnett has responsibility for the leadership and management of the school. The Principal carries out her duties in accordance with the Education Act 1998, Sections 22 and 23.

The Deputy Principal Margaret Meade, in partnership with the Principal, assumes a wide range of responsibility in the school context. She also takes on the role of the Principal in her absence.

Posts of Responsibility – teachers Julia Whelan, Elaine Sheehan and Gillian Ahern have posts of responsibility and they fulfil crucial leadership and management roles.
Innovation and change in the school is often lead by teachers and other staff members who do not hold posts. Staff members with special knowledge or skills are encouraged to give input in relation to whole-school planning and organisation. They do so with generosity and great talent.