Special Olympics national games will take place in June next year. we are so proud to announce that we have 13 athletes from St. Pauls who qualified on to the Munster team, and they will be taking part in three sports. .

Conor, Michelle, Zach, Abbie and  Evan are our Motor Activity athletes.

James, Amber, DJ, Kim and Brendan are our Athletics athletes.

Chloe, Colm and Destiny are our Aquatic Athletes.

Our athletes and their families as well as their coaches have a lot of work to do over the next few months, besides fundraising over  8000 euro to get there, we are practising a couple of times a week in School and our weekends are crowded out with training days.

On our training days we meet up with the rest of TEAM MUNSTER which is very exciting, as it is nice getting to know our team mates. Our head coaches are there to make sure we are putting in all the training, and filling out our log books.  They also give us advice on how to improve on our times, techniques and skills.

It will be a busy few months.. we each have loads of different training days to go to. but it will all be worth it in the end when we show the rest of Ireland how great St. Pauls are….

Roll On June…